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Women's Day Celebration 2018

“Empower women, empower the human community. The base on which the world stands is a women.”

International Women’s Day is a day of recognition and celebrated globally on March 8, every year in honour of their remarkable contribution to our society. Morepen also builds its base with an appreciable number of women working in the different domains of finance, HR, operations, marketing and more.

It's the day that recognises the value that women bring to individual communities and collectively to the world, and showcase the incredible struggles of women who have paved the way for others. The day also commemorates the inspiring role of women around the world to secure women’s rights and build more equitable societies.

This year on Women’s day at Morepen Laboratories women were honored and facilitated not only for their contribution in their professional lives but also for what they do as individuals in real life for their families and the society. In some aspects, equality between sexes has advanced, but there is still the ever-present struggle for women to balance both work and home life, especially for Indian women. Therefore, a healing session on remarkable teachings of Buddha was held to show our gratitude towards the amazing women in our office.

The most important part of celebrating Women’s Day is to encourage everyone to thank women who have made an impact on their life. So, it was made sure that every female team member felt special. The whole premises was decorated and there were multiple fun activities and sessions. As no celebration is complete without a cake and treat, there was also a cake cutting celebration followed by a snacks and Hi-Tea.

All the female staff members were distributed beautiful bouquets of flowers. They were given beautiful stoles as a token of appreciation and everyone was left beaming. The whole staff was involved in the celebrations of the women’s day.

As we understand the fact that women deal with a lot of stress to find balance in professional and personal life, a small session was acquainted for the whole Morepen Family by Mrs. Ritu Bhalla. There was a healthy discussion about how everyone can handle stress and have a healthy mental outlook. A session on the preachings of Buddha which was liked by all the staff members and everyone acquired great insights.

We at Morepen, believe that an empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. Women from the beginning have been shaping up and giving the structure to the society and have always said to be stronger minds of the society. Therefore, we make sure that the female employees are equally treated and are provided a healthy environment for work. Women deserve respect and equal rights as men.

“Women like Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Benazir Bhutto, Oprah Winfrey and many more have brought a revolution and inspired many other in their own ways and have influenced the people of the society.”