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Belongs to the class of penicillin combinations, including beta-lactamase inhibitors.

It is available in the complete range of Tablet and Injection. It is used in the systemic treatment of infections, Upper & lower respiratory tract infections, Urinary Tract Infection & pyelonephritis; skin & soft tissue, gonococcal infections, diabetic foot infections, refractive pneumonia.

SKU Detail

Brand Strength Composition     Therapeutic Class  Specification
Pack Type
SALTUM Tab 375 mg Sultamicillin (as Tosylate)  375 mg ANTIBIOTICS Strip 10's
SALTUM-KID  250 mg Sultamicillin 250mg ANTIBIOTICS Strip 4's
SALTUM-Inj 0.75 G  0.75 gm Sulbactam 0.25 g, Anhydrous Ampicillin 0.5g ANTIBIOTICS Vial 1's
SALTUM-Inj 1.5 G 1.5 gm Sulbactam 0.5 g, Anhydrous Ampicillin 1.0g ANTIBIOTICS Vial 1's