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Methylcobalamin is one of the two coenzyme forms of vitamin B12 (the other being adenosylcobalamin). It is a cofactor in the enzyme methionine synthase which functions to transfer methyl groups for the regeneration of methionine from homocysteine.

Available as 1500 mcg mouth dissolving tablet (Mecomore-OD) and 500 mcg (Mecomore-500) it is indicated in Atherosclerosis, Patients at high risk of CVD, Diabetic neuropathy and degenerative diseases.

SKU Detail

Brand Strength COMPOSITION Therapeutic Class  Type Size
MECOMORE -OD 1500 mcg Methylcobalamine 1500 mcg Mouth Dissolving Tablets  MULTI VITAMIN Blister 10's
MECOMORE -500 500 mcg Methylcobalamine 500 mcg MULTI VITAMIN Blister 10's