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Financial Results  

Unaudited Financial Results for the Quarter ended 31st December, 2007
Unaudited Financial Results for the Quarter ended 30th September, 2007
Unaudited Financial Results for the Quarter ended 30th June, 2007
MOREPEN STARTS DEBT SETTLEMENT Issues Fresh Capital of Rs.103 crores
Morepen Laboratories Limited declares results for the second quarter ended September 30, 2006
Empowered Group Approves Morepen's Debt Restructuring ( New Delhi, July 24, 2006)
Morepen moves to clean up debt (Economic Times, New Delhi, May 29, 2006)
New Delhi. 29th May 2006
Morepen's 750 Crores Restructuring Package Admitted in CDR (May 4, 2006)
New Delhi. 3rd May 2006
Quarterly Results ended
New Delhi. September 30, 2005
Morepen To Beef Up US OTC Segment
New Delhi. September 19, 2005
Dr. Morepen Brand Rolls Back to Morepen Labs
New Delhi. September 9, 2005
Morepen Lab Out Of The Woods, Says Chairman
New Delhi. September 4, 2005
Morepen Announces 52 DMF Filings For 6 Products in EU
New Delhi. 24th August 2005.
Morepen Second To Join The Lipitor Club In USA
New Delhi. 16th August 2005.
Morepen Labs Emerges Cash Positive
New Delhi. 1st July 2005.
No Delisting Of Morepen Shares
New Delhi. 16th June 2005.
Morepen Files USDMF For Atorvastatin
New Delhi. April 05, 2005
Morepen Files Patents For Atoravastatin In 33 Countries
New Delhi. February 01, 2005
Morepen Files DMF For Pioglitazone Hydrochloride
The Largest Selling Oral Anti-Diabetics drug In the US Market
New Delhi. September 27, 2004
Morepen Files First US DMF for Desloratadine
New Delhi. September 14, 2004
Morepen gets World Patent for new Crystalline form of Atorvastatin
Files International patent application for a novel Crystalline form of Fluvastatin

New Delhi, 27th May , 2004
Morepen achieves a major milestone Reports a cash profit, growth of 41 % in Revenue and 276 per cent in PBDITA
New Delhi, 6th May , 2004
Morepen Receives Fresh USFDA Approval For Loratadine Plant
New Delhi, 8th March, 2004
Morepen to offer scheme of Conversion of fixed deposits into equity to its FD holders.
New Delhi, 20 Jan, 2004
Morepen completes $ 15 Million exports in Loratadine since January
New Delhi, 28 August, 2003
Company law Board approves the Repayment schedule of Morepen FD holders
New Delhi, 21 August, 2003
Morepen files Process Patent for Montelukast Sodium
New Delhi, 10 June, 2003
Morepen files Product& Process Patent for Fluvastatin Sodium
New Delhi, 21 May, 2003
Morepen Laboratories successfully closes its GDR issue at premium
New Delhi, 31 March, 2003
Lifespring 'Health Food Month' kickoffs on the World Health Day
New Delhi, 5 April, 2003
Morepen Labs enters in a collaborative research program with India's premier pharma research institute, NIPER
New Delhi, 25 March, 2003
Morepen Board of Directors approve the GDR issue
New Delhi, 8 March, 2003
Morepen files process Patent for Desloratadine
New Delhi, 5 March, 2003
Morepen to garner Rs 100 crore from Loratadine exclusivity to Geneva
New Delhi, 11 February, 2003
Morepen Laboratories registers 14.91 % rise in turnover
New Delhi, 29 January, 2003
Lifespring introduces Jackelin color cosmetics Get set for "The Right Look" with Jackelin
New Delhi, 27 January, 2003
Morepen announces a Marketing Joint Venture with Menarini, Italy
To launch the Menarini Glucometers in India

New Delhi, October 25, 2002
Morepen Labs posts 25.84 % rise in Net Profit
New Delhi, 16 October, 2002
Dr. Morepen goes to Bangladesh
New Delhi, 4 September, 2002
Morepen Labs posts a growth of 12.8% in turnover
New Delhi, 29 July, 2002
Morepen Why sugar when you can have Y.SUGAR!
Dr. Morepen launches low calorie sweetener Y.Sugar!

New Delhi, July 2002
Morepen Labs PBT up by 9.13% Top line grows by 18.39%
New Delhi, 28 June, 2002
Morepen acquires Lemolate The fifth largest brand in cough and cold segment
25 June, 2002
Morepen acquires Lifespring Chain.
Morepen Laboratories extends Dr. Morepen franchise into the retailing arena

Mumbai, 7 June, 2002

Morepen launches ‘Lifelyte’ A ready to drink Oral Rehydrate
17 May, 2002

Vasant Sivaraman joins Morepen Labs as Vice President Corporate Finance.
27 May, 2002
Its time for the "Kids Tango" as Dr. Morepen rolls out Health for entire family during this summer vacation!
10 May, 2002
Dr. Morepen launches C-Sip instant Nimbu Pani.
25 January, 2002
Morepen Labs Posts 11.58% rise in net profit
18 January, 2002
Dr. Morepen launches a major Health Campaign for 2002
Empowering people with "Health in your Hands"

1 January, 2002
Its Carnival Time at CP! As Dr. Morepen rolls out Non-Stop Good Health
December, 2001
Dr.Morepen acquires Burnol from Reckitt Piramal
06 November, 2001
Morepen Labs enters into a Joint Venture with DrugMax of Florida to tap the US generic markets.
06 November, 2001
Morepen Labs posts 15% rise in Net Profit
29 October, 2001
Morepen Labs Unveils "Dr. Morepen" The Secret of Non-Stop Zindagi
08 July,2001
Morepen’s OptiMAL®
Morepen Labs joins hands with American Giant Ameritek Inc.
Strategic manufacturing JV to introduce ‘dBEST’ range of rapid tests

15 May, 2001
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