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A potent combination of 3rd generation cephalosporin Ceftriaxone with the effective beta-lactamase inhibitor sulbactam sodium. Available in the complete range it is effective in lower respiratory tract infections, acute bacterial otitis media, skin and soft tissue infections, urinary tract infections, intra abdominal infections and meningitis.

SKU Detail

Brand Strength Composition   Therapeutic Class Type Size
CEFPEN-S 187.5 mg .125 gm + .0625 gm Ceftriaxone125mg+ Sulbactam 62.5mg ANTIBIOTICS Vial 1's
CEFPEN-S 375 mg .25 gm + .125 gm Ceftriaxone250mg+ Sulbactam125mg ANTIBIOTICS Vial 1's
CEFPEN-S 750 mg .5 gm + .25 gm Ceftriaxone 500mg+ Sulbactam 250mg ANTIBIOTICS Vial 1's
CEFPEN-S 1.5gm 1 gm + .5 gm Ceftriaxone 1000mg+ Sulbactam 500mg ANTIBIOTICS Vial 1's